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Friday, January 12, 2007

Computer Companion Cat

Computer Companion: Cats are great pals for those of us who don't have hours and hours of time per day to spend walking and feeding and clearing up after a puppy! Kittens do need attention but they also like thier solitude! So they are simply the perfect self-employed, homeworker, computer salesman's pet!

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Friday, December 08, 2006

So what you getting your cat for Christmas?

Don't forget your fluff ball at Christmas.
My cats have always got a bit jealous of everyone opening their pressey's so now I get them their own and they enjoy Chrismas Dat a whole lot more:)

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Remeber to watch them with all those strings and bows they so like to play with- ensure they play only and dont ingest! lol

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

I know it is early-however I feel all pet owners should give some thought as too what they will do with their precious pets on the day or two before and the few days after November 5th. Many accidental injusries ( as well as some horrible and completly delibrate ones) are inflicted upon many felines at this time of year. Many poor cats also take fright and run away and hide and you may it may take you weeks (if at all) to find them. Can I suggest, that unless you live in the middle of no-where and will definitly no be bothred by fireworks, you prepare a litter tray, get plenty of new toys in to intrest your feline and Keep them in for a week around this time.
Better safe than sorry!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

"My cat is a cold blooded killer!"

Today I was surprised to hear that a fellow mom down our road was planning to get rid of the extremly expensive maine coon she had just bought for her family (she paid around $1200, if anyone is interested). I decided to hurry round and find out what on earth was going on.
I walked up the drive but before I had a chance to enter the house I was confronted with a blood curdeling scream. I ran to the door to inquire further and to try and help, I didn't know whether to suspect fire or theft in progress. I headed into the kitchen where I could her the screaming coming from- sure enough I found a surprising amount of blood spread around the kitchen. I hesitated to enter the room, whilst mustering up my courage i happened to notice from the corner of my eye a womans feet hanging mid-air, bizzare and alarming as it was I couldn't help but feel rather silly.

On further inspection mid-air turned out to be kitchen work-top height, and the feet, I am gad to report, were still attached to their rightfull body! Helping my neighbour off the work unit and calming her down I suddenly realised where the blood had come from. Her bright and springy kitten maine coon appeared from the door nearest the garden, his white fluffy whiskers were tarnished red. He look pleased with himself and looked about as if to try and remember where he had placed his trophy. The cat had been bringing in mice and birds to kill, eat and generally spread around the kitchen. My neighbour's screams were more of shock than terror and her decison to banish the cat at the earliest availiable became vaguely more understandable if not a tad illogical.

Over coffee she explained she would sell the cat to the first bidder, anything to get rid of the: "dirty rotten mudering killing machiene!". Chuckling I made a joke of offering $0.20... She informed me it was no laughing matter and that I could shuve my $0.20, if I would just take the cat away.

Sitting here now blogging with a $1200 purring blissfully on my lap I would like to point out the pointlessness in fearing what nature intended and the ignorance in assuming that you can purchase an animal without its innate sense of hunting...

Not all house-cats, whether pedigree or not, will want to hunt. But the majority do...most cats will find a mouse or other baby animal from time to time and etiher kill it and leave it, kill it and eat it, bring it home, kill it first then bring it home, kill it a little bit then bring it home and some combine these options... The only certainty is that you will never ever stop a cat that wants to hunt from hunting, instead you should try and deal with the problem. Try and minimise the damage a "killer cat" can do to your home. Try limiting the cat's unsupervised access to the rooms in your house that are laminate, wooden, tiled or vinal floored, this way all mess can be dealt with using a mop or cloth.

Secondly, if you buy a big magnificent breed of cat that was originally bred for hunting purposes then it is more likely they will be "killers". Fact. So choose wisely and sensibly, research your breed and make sure you anticipate what ownership of such a cat will be like.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Your cat and global warming

Your Cat is not imune from sun damage. The sun has got hotter, the ozone is thinner and we all know about the dangers of the sun to our own skin, but what about Kitty?
Well vets repry yhat they are seeing more and more cats bought in with sun damege to the tis of their ears and even tumors on the delecate ear tips.
So what can we do for our cats?Lots actually.
Ensure that when they are outside in the garden that they have a hide away where they can get out of the sun. In the same way that you protect your own delicate skin-sun screen, this can be gently rubbed in to kitty's ear tips to protect their delicate skin, after all they do say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Safe Blinds for your kitty

Safe Window Blinds for Kids and KittensEveryone knows that corded window blinds aren't safe for young children, but did you know they can also be a hazard for your furry feline friend as well?We've all enjoyed a laugh while our frisky kitties have had a good time batting around the long cords that hang from vertical blinds. Of course, there's nothing dangerous going on as long as you're sitting right there to keep an eye on the situation. The real problems arise if your precious pet gets stuck in the cords while you're away from home or out of earshot. If you want to play it safe, there are many cordless blind options that will allow you to shade your windows without worrying about your cat's safety. You can invest in sliding panels for your larger windows, roller shades for your smaller ones, and even discreet little attachments for your regular blinds that will hold the long, tempting cords out of reach. It just takes a little effort to make sure that your pets are protected.Who needs cords, anyway? What kitty really wants is a long string attached to a stick -- something my dad used to call a "cat fishing pole." Make one of those up from items laying around your house or yard, and you and your cat will be entertained for hours.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

We are siames if you please, we are simese if you don't please!

The first Siamese to appear in England were a gift from the king of Siam to an emeinent english ambassador who brought them home. They began appearing in English cat shows almost immediately, and in American shows by the early twentieth century and have fallen in and out of favour ever since.
Seal points, still the best known variety, were the first to arrive. With their seal brown, almost black extremities and their pale fawn bodies, they were sensational. While chocolate points, with creamy white bodies and milk chocolate legs, tail, mask and ears did appear from time to time, it was the blue point that gained official recognition in 1934. The blue point has a bluish-white body with slate blue points. The chocolate point was recognized next. In 1955 the lilac point followed and completed the breed. The lilac point has pinkish gray points with a white body which makes it most ethereal and delicate in color.

The long Siamese head is delineated by an absolutely straight profile and well aligned chin. From the front, the outline of the face presents a smooth wedge with large ears that complete the wedge and pleasing shape. The outstanding feature of the head is the pair of deep blue almond eyes (an eye’s width apart) which are set at a slant. If you have been able to resist all the other attributes of this breed, the eyes will captivate you. They radiate intelligence and emotion.
This ancient breed, perhaps the oldest of all our cats, is able to communicate like no other. The Siamese voice is legendary. They speak both with their voice and with their body. They are the quintessential “people's” cat, for they love to be in your lap, on your bed, at your tableand in your heart! They can almost be heard to cry an audable 'mum' as you are prepairing to feed them which is There less but fun facinating side was caught well and caracatured by disney by the scandolous pair of siamese in lady and the tramp.

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